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Maubrey Destined is a Ghanaian-American singer, dancer, songwriter, model, actor and athlete. He is also a humanitarian, the founder of The Maubrey Destined Foundation, and the author of the inspirational book series, The Maubrey Destined Effect – The Journey to The Kingdom of Heaven. 

Born in the small humble European town of Darmstadt, Germany, Maubrey Destined is the second child and son of Ghanaian parents — a father who is a freelance architect and airline worker, and a mother, a registered nurse. At the age of 2 years old, his parents sent him to live with his grandparents in Ghana for 3 years, while they went to America to find a better life. 

In Ghana, at the age of 3 years old, Maubrey Destined began singing and dancing. Just one month after his fifth birthday, Maubrey Destined was brought to America by his parents. 

He grew up in Brooklyn, New York until the age of 8 years old, when his family moved to the small town of Irvington, New Jersey where his artistic and athletic gifts began to flourish. Greatly inspired by art and Michael Jackson, he was recruited and enrolled into the Union Avenue School for Artistically and Musically Gifted Children at the age of 9 years old where his artistic gifts were fine tuned. 

At the age of 10 years old, he first entered a recording studio. After years of constant art and music, Maubrey Destined decided to completely leave the world of art and music to focus on his new love – sports. 

An honor student, he graduated Frank H. Morrell High School with achievements in football, wrestling and track and field. 

From there, Maubrey Destined went on to Indiana University – Bloomington to study Biology Pre-Med and to wrestle on their top nationally ranked wrestling team. 

Unfortunately, he found out early in his freshman year that his parents could not afford the high out-of-state tuition. However, determined to stay in school and find a way to pay for school, instead of giving up and returning home to New Jersey, Maubrey Destined stayed on campus. 

Without any idea of how to pay for school and cover his living expenses, Maubrey Destined turned to drug dealing. For over a year, Maubrey Destined sold drugs to pay for his tuition, until one fateful day, when he was caught and arrested after a returning customer wore a wire. 

Bailed out of jail after spending two life-changing weeks in jail, but was now facing up to 60 years in jail if convicted, Maubrey Destined’s faith in Christ only grew stronger. And after over 2 and a half years of going to court and believing in Christ, the miraculous happened! His case was completely dropped! 

From facing up to 60 years in prison, to now a free man! By that time, Maubrey Destined had made lifetime friends, and had been on campus for four years. Realizing that affording to pay for over $100,000 for four years of tuition was unlikely, and still pursuing his dream to be a professional athlete, Maubrey Destined began to train and tried out for the NFL supplemental combine. 

After an unsuccessful attempt, Maubrey Destined returned to Bloomington and packed up for Florida State campus where he lived for the summer and continued dealing herbal drugs. 

Still determined to compete professionally, from there, he packed up again to move to Los Angeles, California to try out for the Arena Footfall League. Shortly after not making the final cut for lack of experience and technique, Maubrey Destined was discovered first, by a noted photographer while in a meeting for an apartment. And again, a few weeks later by another noted photographer, while walking into a Verizon mobile store. 

At first, wanting to focus only on athletics, Maubrey Destined was a bit hesitant. However, after careful thought, he decided to take a chance and return back to the art and entertainment world that he had left as a young boy. His destiny began! 

For two years living in LA, Maubrey Destined modeled, trained, and foolishly began to sell illegal drugs again to sustain the lavish lifestyle that he was now living. It wasn’t before long that he lost the love of his life and his luxury apartment. 

Not ready to leave LA and stop dealing drugs, he lived with a few of his neighbors for a few months while continuing to deal drugs, until one day, alone in a room in his neighbor’s apartment, he discovered a Bible in his suitcase that his mother had given him years before. That is the moment that everything changed for Maubrey Destined! 

Right there and then, he decided that the illegal life that he had lived for over 6 years now was no longer for him. He picked up that Bible and began to read it as a book, from beginning to end! 

The miracles began! A little over a month later, he traveled back to Ghana, Africa, where he grew up as a child to discover his roots and to reunite with long lost family members. 

After a few life-changing weeks in Ghana, Maubrey Destined returned to New York to continue his modeling career and also was offered and accepted a career as a commercial real estate agent. 

After a year in real estate, one day, Maubrey Destined decided that it was time to step down from his role as a broker to focus only on his true love – his first love. Entertainment and athletics! 

Maubrey Destined has traveled around the world healing others and sharing the amazing news of Jesus Christ, and in less than a year and a half, has used his life experience and the power of Jesus Christ to write not one, but 7 upcoming inspirational/motivational books and 7 pop/R&B/dance albums! 

Maubrey Destined is currently training for the 2020 Olympics and working on staring and producing an inspirational movie on his life as well as an inspirational/motivational ducu-reality series about his journey forward. 

"The secret is that the only things that matter in life are following your true dreams, keeping your heart pure, keeping Christ first, and helping others and giving along the way. That's it. That's the secret." says Maubrey Destined. This strong African man's future is filled with infinite potential! 

Maubrey Destined - Entertainer. Author. Athlete. Man of Christ! 



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